Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sharing the Gospel in Taiwanese with the Older Generation

Please pray for Mr. Tiuⁿ. He is 89 years old and lives in Tamsui, north of Taipei on the coast. We met him and his son's family at the Taiwan National History Museum last Saturday. His grandson was pushing him in a wheel chair and I got into a conversation with them in Taiwanese about Taiwan's history. After giving him my church business card, I invited him to come visit. This morning he came to my home and we drank tea and talked in Taiwanese. He is not a Christian but seems open. Since he grew up in the Japanese colonial era of Taiwan, he speaks and reads Japanese well. I have one Gospel message sermon that has been translated into Japanese, so I gave it to him. He seems interested in going to a Japanese-Taiwanese language fellowship in Taipei where I spoke last year. Most of the members are over 80 years old.

His eyes are not very good, so I plan to send him some audio sermon CD's and also audio selections from the Taiwanese Bible. Please pray that he will listen and hear the Gospel and come to faith even in his old age. He turns 90 in September of this year.

At the Taiwan National History Museum in Taipei. (April 4, 2009)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gospel Joy

Psalm 66 - "How to Enjoy Your Life as a Christian"

(A typical sermon at New Hope Christian Fellowship, Taipei, TAIWAN
English-Mandarin bi-lingual)

Green Shoots of Spring

Planning a Taiwanese pastors' church planting fellowship and potential target areas for church planting in city-center Taipei
(L-R Rev. Dennis Brown (Friendship Presbyterian - Taipei); Rev. Joel H. Linton (New Hope Church, Team-leader Taiwanese Church Planting, MTW); Rev. Jay Kyle (Redeemer Presbyterian - New York City); Rev. Dr. Peter Yao (Grace Church - Chungli, Adjunct Professor - Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei) March 19, 2009 - Chungli City, TAIWAN

Note: You can view the Taiwan church distribution map online.

New Hope Church -- and guests for the baptisms
That day we actually ran out of chairs and had to borrow
some from the building management's office cubicles.
(March 8, 2009, Taipei, TAIWAN)

(March 8, 2009 at New Hope Church -- the Taipei church plant recently particularlized and member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.)