Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pray for Judy's book readers and our summer outreach planning

Saorsa posing next to Judy's child training book
at a bookstore in Taipei 101,
formerly the tallest building in the world.

Dear prayer partners,

Below is a note one young Taiwanese mom posted on Judy's baby book blog:  http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/judyreaders/ 

Please pray for us as we plan further ways to outreach to Judy's baby book and child training book readers.  Next week we will be planning outreaches for the summer.

In Christ,

The Lintons

Dear Judy

Dear Judy
Thank you for introducing Dr. Denmark to us.
Because of you and Dr. Denmark, I became a Christian and was baptized.
And last month I gave birth to my third child. I believe my child is a a gift from God.
As you said in your book, the more children the better.
Thanks to you and to Dr. Denmark.

Discussion groups after the New Hope Church worship service on Sunday

How to make baby food demonstration at our home