Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring 2015 pictures

Teaching at a Wednesday lunch fellowship of China Evangelical Seminary students.

Faith, Charis and Ashlyn preparing to accompany the hymn singing Sunday morning. I teach the men who are training to be elders and pastors how to lead the worship service.

Many businesses in Taipei worship gods, ghosts and ancestors every full moon and new moon in hopes of getting good luck and preventing spiritual powers from harming their business. 

An evangelistic ministry based out of Taipei called "From Doubting to Believing" has their main office in a district of Taipei similar to Manhattan's SoHo district.  They do not do crusades like Billy Graham did. Rather they work one-on-one and in small classes of people introduced by their friends or family members. These classes are very professionally done and give a more in depth presentation of the Gospel, the Bible and basic Christianity. Lesson Seven uses Judy's testimony. This material was first developed by the wife of a business executive of the food company: Quaker Taiwan.

Presenting Lesson 7, Judy's testimony.

Lesson 7.

Formosa Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship meeting. I serve on the steering committee. FRPF is composed of Taiwanese pastors and Korean and American missionaries. Speaking here is Dr. Toon Yeo who is a professor of the Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei. He oversees the practical theological training of the seminary students. 

New Hope pastoral intern Calvin Chung preaching his first sermon. Calvin is a first-year student at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei

March Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan presbytery meeting held at Chong-Hsiao Reformed Presbyterian Church.

David Lin being examined for ordination.

David Li reporting on his church planting work in Taichung City, central Taiwan. Please pray as they seek a larger meeting facility. Also pray for the second church plant that meets Sunday afternoon in Nantou County, Taiwan.

Daniel Peng reporting on his church plant in Xinzhuang. They have about 20 people worshipping on Sunday mornings. Please pray particularly as he seeks to reach out to the non-Christian Taiwanese men, whose wives and children attend events at the church.

Wesley Chuang reporting on his church plant Ren Ai Reformed Fellowship in central Taipei city. They are also seeking for a larger facility. I serve on the oversight committee for this church planting work.

Pastor Lin's first visit to the presbytery. Pastor Lin is a missionary from the Hapdong Presbyterian Church denomination in South Korea. He is starting a church in the southern city of Kaohsiung in south Taiwan. Kaohsiung is also where our colleague Eric Pilson is doing language study and preparing for future church planting work. We are trying to recruit more missionaries to move to south Taiwan and work with the Pilsons. Please also pray for some Taiwanese coworkers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Introducing People to Jesus in the Taiwanese Language

This Taiwanese language Youtube Video tells about two Biblical passages: 1. Jesus' parable about the wise and foolish builder, and 2. Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Both of these events are told in a simple and effective way in Taiwanese.

In the narration, there is a conversation between and non-Christian and a Christian where the Christian is trying to share the Gospel with the non-Christian.

Please note: I do not think it good for people to draw pictures of their imagined image of Jesus. But the words are quite effecting.