Monday, October 3, 2011

New Report from Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre

Church planting in Zhongpu (中埔) from OMF Taiwan on Vimeo.

This video clip tells about Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre. [] Thomas was my first missionary intern back in 2006 when he was attending Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. Since then, Thomas finished seminary, got married, and was ordained. They moved to Taiwan, learned Taiwanese, had a baby, and finally have begun a church-planting work in a rural area of central Taiwan.

Here is an articles from the archives about when Thomas was a missionary intern.

surveying a region of the countryside

For general information on missionary internships, please take a look at:

If you look at the following map, ChungPu Township is labeled as number 201. The statistics are current through 2006, but do not include any changes in the last five years. Chungpu is shown as falling in the range of having 1 church per twenty thousand - thirty thousand people.

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