Thursday, November 22, 2012

Recent Worship service at New Hope Church, Taipei

Last Sunday I preached at New Hope on Luke 17:20-37 about the urgency of believing the Gospel and sharing the Gospel with others.

Below are short video clips of the service taken by the wife of one of the Taiwanese pastoral interns.

One of the hymns. We alternate singing one verse in English, one verse in Mandarin.

We eat lunch together and then after lunch there are two fellowship groups that meet. One is a guitar fellowship where they practice playing hymns. The other is a Taiwanese - Language Bible Study Fellowship where 1. we learn a Taiwanese hymn, 2. we read a section in Taiwanese from the Gospel of John, 3. we hear a testimony in Taiwanese from one of the members, and 4. We close in prayer. This fellowship is designed to give Christians practice in sharing the Gospel to older generation Taiwanese who do not necessarily speak Mandarin very well.

Eric sharing his testimony. Eric is a graduate of Christ's College in KuanDu.

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