Monday, December 24, 2012

New Hope's Christmas outreach in downtown Taipei

After the worship service on Sunday, about fourteen members of the church including the guitar fellowship practiced playing and singing carols and then they went out into the neighborhood near where our church meets. Wherever they went, they would sing and also hand out chocolate candies and Gospel tracts with our church's contact info on them.

Our three oldest daughters joined the carolers while Judy and I took the younger two children home and hosted Judy's cousins who had visited the church for the first time.

Practicing after the worship service before heading out to the neighborhood to carol.

The group was very bold. You might be surprised at where they went: into a hair salon, into apartment buildings and even into a local precinct police station! The policemen got out their cell phones and recorded the caroling. Most people received it very well.

Please pray that God will bring some from the neighborhood to visit our church.
Please also pray that God will work in the hearts of the church members to continue to be bold in their witness for Christ.

We'll try to post more info and pictures when we get them.

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