Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Visiting Churches, Giving Reports on the Work in Taiwan; Researching rural churches

In their time back in the U.S. missionaries report back to supporting churches as well as seek new churches to make up any support in the budget that fell off over the years the missionaries were laboring on the field. That takes a lot of traveling.

I am blessed that my family cheerfully travels with me. My daughters do their best with home school while traveling grabbing wifi spots to login to their online classes. Judy keeps everyone organized.

Please pray for our support raising. We do need more churches to partner with us.

This time back in the US, there is another full-time labor: finishing my doctoral dissertation. I am researching the state and needs of rural and small town churches. For part of the study, I developed a survey questionnaire covering many different issues churches deal with. In five counties in northwest Alabama, a random sample of 200 churches out of over rural 700 were selected to receive questionnaires. Three friends in Taiwan sent out surveys to 50 rural churches in I-lan County, Taiwan. I've gotten some responses but not enough. I have begun phase 2 of follow-up calling and attempting to meet in person to get a higher response rate. But I will not have time to track down all 200 churches. So do please pray that pastors will take the 15 minutes to fill out the surveys.

Then there is the actual writing of the thesis.

It is hard to attend to all of the details.

Here are some pictures:

Speaking at the International Dinner of Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church's Missions Festival

At Bayshore Christian Schools Monday morning chapel service.

Speaking at the Community Bible Study in Florence

Preaching at the Huntsville Chinese Christian Church

Interviewing a rural church pastor as part of my thesis research

Preaching at Dillingham Presbyterian Church

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