Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fall and Winter in Taiwan

Worship service at New Hope Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taipei

Taiwanese-language Bible study led by Ely and David
Taiwanese-language Bible app for Android phones written by one of the church members

Preaching on Philemon at the Ordination Service for Jack Hu

Ordination of Jack Hu to the office of ruling elder at New Hope Reformed Presbyterian Church

Entrance to the future ministry center in Tang-Soann Township, Gî-lân County

Space for a kitchenette to welcome visitors

Future meeting space that can accommodate 30-40 people. After our core group grows larger, we can seek larger Lord's Day worship meeting spaces from the elementary school auditorium in a nearby village center

The book-format version of Joel's doctoral dissertation on the health of rural churches fresh from the print shop.

The Lee family moved from Taipei to Gî-lân County to help with our church planting work. We will likely begin our first intro-to-Christianity Bible studies here in their apartment's living room.

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